White paper BBQ

An important dish in our kitchen is white paper bbq. As the project progresses, new details will be added to this document to keep you updated on all developments. We understand the importance of the basic elements of the game, so we will try to keep them unchanged.
The medium-rare potato was founded in July 2021 at the intersection of blockchain technology, food and the restaurant industry. A random thought during the walk gave impetus to an incredible chain of events that led to the creation of the project and allowed to unite creative people from different fields of activity.
Our game is about sharing indigenous food and drinks from different countries of the world, while showing you how economics of a restaurant business works. You will enjoying playing, all while learning how to create different cuisine and cocktails, all in a unique dining experience on the blockchain.
Requirements to play
In order to play you will need a Wax wallet and our NFT cards.
At the start, you have two options: become a restaurant owner or you can start building. The minimum set for restaurant owners is a "restaurant" card, a "dish" card.
The minimum set for team owners is a "cook" or a "chef" card.

In our menu of cards, we plan to serve: A restaurant. The main place where all the cooking and fun will take place.
Dish. Mmmm, how delicious it is... This will be the main source of income.
Cook. A culinary connoisseur. Naturally this is a must-have card for those who want to cook.
The Helper. Your helpers will help you deal with orders faster to get these out to waiting customers.
Chef. The Food guru and that says it all. His skills will be used to prepare delicious meals.
Bartender. Mixology expert. A must-have card for those who want to make cocktails. (*Cocktails will be introduced later in the game).

How does it all come together?
Just as it is in real life, people come to a restaurant to dine and will place their orders for food and drink.
The restaurant initially has a set menu that can be changed and improved with new dishes. The Restaurant will purchase food for cooking, pay the team and make a profit for serving the guests.
The team consists of different characters. There must be at least one cook in the team. In addition to the cook, the team can have a helper, chef and bartender (*This will be added in the second version of the game).
The team chooses a restaurant, a dish that is on the menu and starts cooking. The team will receive remuneration for all their work.
All rewards the restaurant and the team will receive will be in the form of the internal currency of the game.

See our docs.